we are - "my coffee story" nice to meet you!

- cool, I want to know...

what are you making.

about the place.

where are you.

our place

We are a small coffee place in žižkov with cozy backyard. Every day we make fresh coffee for you, breakfast and bake homemade deserts.

our coffee

On our coffee grinders there are mostly softer tastes of coffee from roastery La Boheme cafe. Stronger espresso lovers will find Ethiopian offee and for filter we use rich, fruity tastes from different roasteries.

our events

There is always something going on - come join our vernissage, open-air cinema, grill party, concert or travelers evenings. We'd also love to organize your private party!

štítného 8, praha 3, žižkov
+420 776343 008
working hours:
mon-fri: 8:30 - 20:00
sat-sun: 9:00 - 15:00